Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wholay snow day

WOW it is almost April and it is SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!!!!??????

I am trying to figure out my parents house situation..
look at this house.. my dream house.. simple yet fabulous.. my parents did like but decided against it :( It looks lame-o from that view but has huge ceilings, alot of character huge island in kitchen and hardwood floors.

Brady has been driving back and forth from Helena this week for classes. He is learning how to survey a lot and advanced blueprints. He was so nervous he would not pass his test today but he did- 76% !!

Work has me really busy and sitting in my office for hours on ends.. UHH can't wait for Saturday! I actually picked up some clients that might be interested in buying that house above. Too bad it's not Brady and I...


  1. Your job must be so much fun because you get to look at houses a lot! I love looking through real estate mags and dreaming...
    but we probably won't be in our dream house for a long time :( oh well, something to look forward to, right?

  2. Don't worry I'm 30 and still not in my dream house. Some day I'll own a new home that doesn't need any major remodeling! Be patient the day will come when you'll get just what you want.


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