Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Tornado struck my guest bedroom

Warning, this is a completely useless post!
   Don't ask me why in the world I would share these pictures.. but I guess it's my way of saying that my basement needs to get finished NOW!  Our guest bedroom has become a Storage room/craft room/Brady's closet/Jewelery Box of sorts.  You can not walk in the room without stepping on a picture frame and hearing a crack.. which is going to be pretty annoying once I finally go to hang those pictures. 

 I finally decided to organize this disaster when Brady's out of town friends announced that they would be staying at our place next week. WHAT?! That means my couches and my living room will become a disaster of equal proportions and smell like stinky boys.. I don't think so.  They can stay at my house, but I hate when guys stay over, b/c they are always slobs! .. so I took a deep breath and spent about 3 hours organizing and cleaning.  It's a little sad that all this hard work was just to save my living room, but I guess that's just how things go!

 It still needs a lot of work, but it's a start.  What a difference a little hard work makes, right?!

This room actually has some of the coolest throw pillows that I own.  Now you can actually see them!  The one above is from Pier 1.. I've had my eye on it for about 2 years.   It was $40, which is just too much for a guest bedroom pillow.. I got it on clearance for $7.50!  Woot!  It pays to wait for sales :)

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