Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturday mornings are for Garage sales!

Since the weather has warmed up a bit, I've been woken up every Saturday morning around 8AM (TOO EARLY) by either my Mom or Dad asking if I want to go to garage sales.  I always say no (very crabby at 8AM), hang up, try to go back to sleep, then admit defeat about 30 minutes later, call them back and tell them to come get me!  I am a sucker for junk.. I get it from my parents.  They are Veteran Garbage Sale goers.. Oh did I just say Garbage?  lol
I find the coolest things for my house..I have to hunt like crazy, but I always end the morning with something cool.. like this vintage lamp I picked up for $3 last weekend..  Of course it came with a junky old golden shade, but it was easy enough to stop by Target and get a new $9 lamp shade!  Total cost a for a unique and awesome lamp..$12.  :)

Speaking of garage sales.. my parents are having a block sale tomorrow.. I will have all kinds of old Pier 1 things, 2 dining tables, a bazillion dining chairs, a treadmill.. stop by :)

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