Friday, April 15, 2011

Take that David Bromstead!

hah! I'm an artist!
I love HGTV and I love Color Splash.  Whenever I watch David Bromstead paint his canvas art for each home, I think, "hmmm, I can do that!"
So last Saturday, my Mom and I went out to Micheals and picked up 4 blank canvas (all 40% off with my coupon!) and a few cheapie acrylic paints (all on sale for 1/2 off!) and a spray bottle.  *I never pay full price for anything at Micheals*.  The Sunday paper always has coupons, or if you join their email list, you get weekly coupons!

I only used 3 of the four canvas boards(as shown).  I just wiped on the paint, sprayed it a few times with water to blend, and let it dry!  It was sooo easy.  I still need to spray some sort of protective coat over it and sign my name on the bottom.  I'll post more pix once it's complete.

Also, here are a few updated pix of the buffet!  It's finally cleared of tax paper work, bills and a few wintery decorations(which I was so glad to box up). 

I got that sweet black and white ball at Real Deals. I <3 that store!  And for some reason we have pool balls lying around the house.. it just seemed to work on my wine tray.  But, let's get to the important part of this pic..the wine!  House Wine is delish, affordable and in my opinion, looks great in my house!  It's my go to bottle from Albertsons.

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  1. I can't wait to see your paintings! I also need to bring Jo and come see your house. You are so'll be fun to see everything you've done!


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