Thursday, April 28, 2011


OOOOO CRAP! I am addicted Overstock.  I didn't want this to happen.. but now I've found four chairs that I think I have to have.  Okay, maybe I'm not addicted..that might be a little dramatic.. but until yesterday all I've ever bought from the site was a pair of boots and at one time had a big wish-list of vessel sinks. 

Any ways, as you all know, I hate my dining room set.  We've been using my parents old but functional table/chair combo, that I believe was purchased at Sam's Club (of all places) when I was still in Elementary school.  I want to be frugal and just go with what I have, but the set isn't really my style.  I've posted different table options in the past, but still I haven't made a commitment.  PST..I am a cheapo, a bargain hunter, a do-it-your-selfer and if you ask my Mom, a procrastinator (wtv) heh.. so we've been thinking of sanding down and re-staining all 6 chairs and the table.. GAG!  That doesn't sound very fun, so we've been putting it when you are remodeling an entire home inside and out, the dining table gets put on the back-burning.  Until now.. I found these sweet Tolix chair look-a-likes while searching Overstock.. Tolix chairs are not cheap.. they're $980 for a set of 4 at Pottery Barn.. these are only $168 and have a 5 star review!   They just might be the right amount of urban-modern-antique that I like for my house.  Now, I just have to make up my mind :).  What do you guys think?!

here's what I have now..

these are the overstock chairs..

these are the Tolix chairs from Pottery Barn

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  1. The Overstock chairs are as cute as the Pottery Barn chairs. I can't believe the diffrence in price. I think Pottery Barn is a bit over rated and over priced.


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