Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Step into my kitchen: brown wall is done

I haven't really posted pictures of my kitchen because it wasn't exactly accessorized to my liking. However, I have finally found something to spruce up the brown wall!

fIRST, let's take a look at the before:

and after:

The Pussy Willows are from Stampin Up. I cut it up so I could use it across the entire wall in front of the dining table. It sort of helps define the seperate room.

and here are the plates that I am so excited about. I bought them at Pier 1 a few days back. I am not a huge fan of plates hanging on walls, but I loved these enough to make an execption. Also, they were 10$ a pop so I wasn't going to buy a enough to make a set. That's not how I roll. All my everyday plates are from Walmart or gifted from my Grandpa Gus.

I know I should have cleared the clutter off the counters, but I was so excited about the plates that I couldn't wait to clean! I also like how they look above the pussy willows in the vases!


  1. I love your kitchen! The pussy willows are great...kind of a touch of spring, which we need now!

  2. I think you need to put away the wreath. Other than that, it looks great. LOVE the plates.


  3. One of these days we will have to check out your house in person! Looks like you are having a blast decorating it. A girl after my own heart. I like what you did with the vinyl.

  4. Joellyn, I really want to see your house too! You should post some progress pix on you blog.

  5. Wow... I guess I better get over to visit. Things have changed since I was there last. It looks really nice.


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