Friday, December 4, 2009

Wedding Location????? HELP!

-I am the worlds worst wedding planner-

We have discovered yet another location to consider for the wedding... The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. Yes, that is a museum. Is that weird to have a wedding at a museum? They would of course remove all the artifacts from the reception room. I am so up the air with this. The museum has a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Ampa-Theater. It is a stone theater built into the cliff over looking the Missouri River. Giant Springs is in walking distance. The reception room has large windows overlooking the missouri as well. The dance floor would have to go in a different room. We would also be able to use the indoor theater for a slideshow or video of Brady and I. We can only have the spot for 4 hours.... not long enough? I guess we could all go over the heritage or something afterwards ?????

-Kari checkin out the theater-

-seats (made of stone!) hold 150 people, they have had 300 (whao)-

-Marry me?-

-imagine hundreds of candles, sun going down, and tons of orange and red flowers-

-Brady checkin out the view below-

The Boulder Ridge is also gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. We would be married on a concrete dock on a pond with a man-made waterfall supplying the water. The waterfall is beautiful and doubles as a walking trail. Cool huh? The reception area is full of granite and balconies over looking the pond. The only issue is that the room isn't very big. We would have to ask guests to move their tables to the side to allow room for dancing. Lame huh? We would also require guest to either stand at the ceremony or carry their chairs up the reception area after wards. There are also luxurious high end 6-8 person suites for out of towners to rent out over night. We would have the spot for the rehearsal dinner, entire day of wedding and the next day to open gifts. Check out this spot, room rates and more pix here ->


-view of the reception building from the ceremony site-

-imagine my wedding party, Brady and I out there.. cool huh!-

-waterfall trail-

Please give me input. I will leave it up to my guests to decide!! I need to make up my mind by the end of next week.


  1. I vote for boulder ridge, but I'm sure it'll be gorgeous where ever you decide!

  2. I like Boulder Ridge better just because you have more time. I think 4 hours is very limiting. Figure at least 40 min for wedding and getting people moved to reception. An hour to eat and that leaves two hours for all else. Our wedding lasted about 7 or 8 hours. That is my only concern, however, that being said I'm sure we could have one hell of a party in two hours and if we weren't done everyone still up could move into the rooms because Jeff and I would rent one!


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