Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tips from you crafty people???

DIY... Brooch Bouquet??

In an earlier blog, I mentioned these really cool brooch bouquets from Fantasy Floral. I found them in a magazine and the price was ok.. But when I called the company it turns out the pricing was incorrect. It would cost about a grand to have a stinkin bouquet made. No thanks :)

I might... MIGHT, consider making one. Maybe my parents could help? The brooches are not welded (my guess). Does anybody have a clue how these might be made? Any tips from the crafty people out there?

What I know...
They take about 50-60 brooches.. I will need to hit up some garage sales and Ebay.
The band is covered in satin.

-Check out this site for pics-

If we can't figure it out, I will just have to stick to adding brooches to a floral bouquet. But I love the idea of this lasting forever on a book shelf!

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  1. Kristie, I would love to help you figure this out. I am sure it can be done.



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