Thursday, February 26, 2009


Okay... TOMORROW WE LEAVE FOR VEGAS. I need to get out of town. In Feb. I had just 2 days off... and yes I did take calls on those two days. I am super stressed.. and this is just what I need.
We are going with Bradys mom and pops, Ron and Kari, and his brother and sis-in-law, Jess and Dawn..

Staying at NY-NY for the first time and getting the heck out of lame MGM. Over the past 4 years, I have gone with them about 10 times. Hopefully this time it will be warm b/c it is only 5degress here. This morning on my way to work, I thought my fingers were frost bitten.

My mom and dad are watching my doggies and it better be warm or they will have to deal with dog crap in their house when they are at work. Sorry mom!

At least she will have help with the dishes!


  1. Hello Kristi and Brady! I didn't know you had a blog....just saw your comment on Joellyn's blog. Have a great trip to Vegas. Our vacation was so awesome. I really can reccomentd Cancun! Love, Linda B

  2. Thanks for stopping by over at our blog to say Hi! I'm happy to see you have a blog too. It's addictive... Hope you had fun in Vegas!

  3. Haha! Ron is the one that made the wrong turn, we were just in the car!!lol

  4. I love that picture of Kujo and Ron! Too Cute!


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