Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Fever!

I was so late to posting the announcement post, so I guess I'd better follow up with an update on Baby!

The little baby in my belly is a BOY!!  And as of this coming Friday, I will be 24 weeks.

At first, I was a little bummed at the thought of not getting to run out and buy tutus and headbands and everything pink.  Brady and I went on an immediate shopping trip to cheer me up.  To be honest, I hadn't even glanced at the boy dept.  I was too googly-eyed and distracted by the girl dept.  The first shopping trip was a complete fail.  Boo :(  But it turns they do make pretty cute boy stuff, it's just way harder to find.  So far, he has a pretty good clothing collection! 

Brady is beyond excited about having a little boy!  He is already shopping the toy isles every time we go to the store.  I have to keep reminding him that his new born baby will not be interested in remote control airplanes and toy Hummers.  His excitement has rubbed off on me.  I am just happy to be having a healthy baby!  I used to hate people who said they didn't care what they had, as long the baby is healthy...  But after being the pregnant lady for a while, I can totally agree with them.  It is crazy how much worrying is involved with being Pregnant.   Besides, maybe baby #2 will be a girl!  Then she'll have an older brother to look after her.  :)

Another exciting update.. My morning sickness is gonzo.  And feeling the baby kicking like crazy has made it all worth it.  And boy is he a kicker!  Even our latest ultra sound shows him kicking off of me non stop.  Oh, and my belly is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. 

This pic is from July 1, our 2nd Wedding Anniverysary & 8 years of being together.. whoa!!!

I'll make a point to blog more often.  I have just been so busy these last couple of months.  We are seriously working our butts off to get the house done before November.  Our list of things to do on the house seems to be getting bigger rather than smaller... Wish us luck.
Also, I am so busy at work.  If I want to take 6 weeks off, I'd better make sure I make my year in sales before baby comes.  I don't want to be stressed about work while I'm trying to heal and bond with my little guy.


  1. Sounds to me like you totally have your priorities right, Kristi. You're gonna be a wonderful momma and I think I'll be a pretty great grandma too!

    Love ya!

    Mom Figarelle

  2. Im looking forward to spoiling him


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