Monday, October 4, 2010

Haunted House Progress

Just kidding.. but all these pix have little dust specs.. or Orbs, if you watch ghost shows. tehe.

bedroom 1.. I can't resist showing my story of how hard it is to cover up stripes! I didn't go with the Valspar Paint/Primer combo.. I heard it didn't work as great as the commercial brags. So I did 4 coats of primer.. then one coat of paint. Now that is a lot of primer! ... NEVER paint stipes on your walls.

Then there is the hardwood floors.. It was not problem for me, b/c Brady didn't think I'd be stong enough to run the drumb sander, so I got to watch!.. Actually, I took a finishing brush to all the paint lines that bled through the painters tape and sanded the bathroom linen cabinets that I will be painting black!
Anywho, if you ever need to re-finish hardwood floors, a drumb sander is the only way to go! We did everything in less than 5 hours.

And here is the finished (well half finished) result of the kitchen addition. :)


  1. So far everything looks GREAT!! It's going to be so fun to see it come along. Good job you two!


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