Saturday, August 7, 2010

The happiest day of my life

The group, aside from Ron ^

cuttin the cake^

wedding party dance^

Mother son dance^

father daughter/mother son dance, My Wish, Rascal Flatts

1st dance, Whatever it is, Zac Brown Band^

Italian Cream cake^ orange cream cookies, cream puffs..mmmmMmmm

I put my heart and soul into this bouquet, I'll have it forever! Thanks to everybody who helped me hunt for brooches for an entire year. :)

The ceremony ended with Better Together, Jack Johnson

tehe :)

One special song that was played during the ceremony was "I wanna grow old with you", Adam Sandler, from one of my all time favorite movies, The Wedding Singer.

We both walked down with our parents. We are trying to dig up a pic of Brady with his, if anybody took one, please feel free to send it our way! :) I walked down to Angel, Jack Johnson

Avery's flower ball, she looked so adorable in her tutu with her glittery ballet flats ^

Mom n Dad had to sneak in a kiss. They have been married for 25 yrs!

Bradys two best friends. The other groomsmen were a bit late to make this pic^

The candy buffet, there wasn't a single chocolate left by the end of the night ^

table settings, complete with a geranium, candles and an engagement pic ^

This is one of my favorite pix! ^


  1. Beautiful pictures of your happy day!

  2. What a great day!! It was so so fun!! Welcome to the family Kristi!!


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