Monday, March 22, 2010

Our hOuse!

So I listed our wonderful little home 12 days ago. We have had about 8 showings... might get an offer tonight!! But we shall see.

Here is the link to check out pix and the virtual tour.

This is tough to swallow. I am so scared that we won't find as nice of a home or our new home will have some crazy problem that won't come up on the inspection. I sound like a crazy person, but I am going to miss my house! We put soooo much work into and it is so! I can't imagine the thought of having to live in a rental or moving in either of our parents basements.. if they would allow us! Hah!

Yesturday, I hosted an open house. It was very strange having strangers walk through my house and look at my things!!! One lady talked mad crap on the house the entire time.. and she was there for like 20 minutes. I wanted to say, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE LADY!" She said how my furniture in my teeny tiny family room was far too large. Our remodeled closets made it hard to reach the clothes hanging in the middle. Our fence was garbage! BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Ok enough crying! I should be happy that people are actually looking at our house! :)

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  1. Wow...a lady talking crap about your house..what a bioootch!!! I think you house is adorable! I wish you lots of luck trying to sell it, and don't'll find a new home for you and brady to make all your own! :D


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