Tuesday, June 16, 2009

random posting at work

In 2005, Brady and I went to Las Vegas and brought back gifts for my parents. It just so happens that we had bought my Dad a model of the new corvette body style since he had just purchased his black z06. My parents gave it to Brady the other day because it just so happens to be his car! How weird is that!?

The gigantic neighbor cat was checkin out his car... that is not the model car! bahaha.. Brady thought I was a major loser when I said that the other day!

And.. here is another listing! It is in Eagles Crossing and costs only $238,428.


  1. Ooo the new listing looks nice! Love the mini corvette, I was totally confused when I first looked at the picture, that is pretty crazy that you got that for your Dad! Oh and speaking of playing video games in underwear, Jeff does the same thing - must be a guy thing?

  2. very cool picture of the two cars together...it coulda fooled me.


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